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New York

September 15, 2017

I played two shows in New York last month and wanted to write about both!

Surf Lodge, Montauk

This was a crazy one! Landed at laguardia airport straight into a 3 hour drive upstate to Montauk. I’d never been to these ends so I was up for the adventure. When we got there and began to set up, the promoter starts telling us stories of Lauryn hill playing there last night, and Anderson pak the night before… so I’m like… what the fuck is little old me doing here!!! Then she goes on to tell me the crowd were  super hard to impress and judgy… 👀 I liked the challenge though.

Anyhoo! Gig was a banger! People getting down and sweaty. I also don’t think I’ve seen so many fit people in front of me at one time before. It was a little hard to concentrate 🙈. Played What’s Next live for the first time ever… think I managed to forget 95% of the words. Pretty sure the only bit I got right was “What’s Next is happening Now”

I remember this was also the same night as the big Connor / Mayweather fight! So we all proceeded to get a little litty after the show.🕺


Meadows Festival

This was a super special moment for me. To be on the same line up as some of my favourite acts ever! Chilles and Gorillaz to name a few! Amazing weather, amazing atmosphere, amazing everything! Watching Gorillaz was seriously inspiring. Watching Future… not so much. 👀.

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