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December 30, 2016

Firstly… the fact that I get to say I went to Guatemala is MADNESS. Never in my life did I think I would get to go here… TWICE!

First night we get there we’re taken out of the back exit without going through security, straight into an Escalade… I’m like “hey dude, can I wind down the window please” and the driver says “no” … so we all crack up thinking he’s joking then he says “no, really… it’s a bullet proof car!”

Then promoters ask us if we wanna go watch Metallica cause they’re playing at the stadium the night we arrive… we’re all like FUCK YEAH. So we set off and get caught in ridiculous traffic. I’m asleep drooling on the window, the sound guy (HUGE Metallica fan) was drinking tequila getting ready to rock! Then 2 hours into this drive (we’ve not moved in an hour) the promoters say… the police are firing tear gas trying to disperse a riot at the stadium… we should turn around” so we were all like ya ok let’s go! We end up at one of the promoter’s bars in Guatemala City. We get there, and there are 10 Coronas, 10 Jagerbombs and 10 tequilas lined up at our arrival! Soon enough they’re blasting Out Of My System, and we’re all on the bar singing at the top of our voices and drinking tequila straight from the bottle. What a night!

The next day we get to the venue for soundcheck and I’m asked to go across the street to a call centre cause apparently the whole company bought tickets to come see my show! I get up there and there’s a huge projector playing all of my YouTube videos and a proper microphone for me to do a speech and like 100 people standing there filming me and taking pictures! I was NOT expecting anything like that. Hahaha. I then had a meet and greet with everyone and took 9 million selfies! It was a surreal experience!

The show went on to be incredible! Amazing crowd. All smiles, all dancing. Can’t thank the promoters enough for this experience, so, shout out to the promoters Steven and Andy and Corona Sunsets. I’ll see you again soon!

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