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December 1, 2017

Santiago, Chile! What a dope place. Again, never would have thought my music would take me there! And to play Creamfields was such an honour too. I remember setting up for this show and it being the hottest thing I had ever experienced! In a dark blue tent with dust blowing over all the equipment and the loudest EDM music blasting into my ears as I was trying to fucking tune my snare drum haha. It was brutal! Then my laptop overheated and froze so we had to get 2 fans constantly blowing on it. We managed to film two cool one-take videos here of the ‘Faded’ bootleg and ‘The Heat’ bootleg. I love those videos, cause I couldn’t believe there were so many people in the audience! And how up for a party they were in fucking 45 degree heat!

My manager then thought it would be a good idea to book another show in the same festival an hour later… so after I did an hour set, we had to pick up all the equipment and walk it though thousands of people to the next venue. Set up… and did it all over again! This time, in a metal shipping container… which was basically a huge radiator! So that was fun.

The next day  I went to a nearby studio and met with the awesome Los Tetas and did a cheeky collab. We wrote a new version of Out Of My System and filmed a one take vid. Those guys were fucking fun. The main rapper, Tea Time, was a character I’ll never forget! 


Ooh Lordy (Live in New Delhi)


Turn Around (Youngr Bootleg)


Sweet Disposition (Youngr Bootleg)


One More Time (Youngr Bootleg)


Silence (Youngr Bootleg)


Hey Now (Youngr Bootleg)


Live in Guatemala (exclusive video)


Faded (Youngr Bootleg)


Out Of My System (Live Version)


The Head (Youngr Bootleg)